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Sunnyside Master Gardener Association

April 27, 2021
Sunnyside Master Gardener Logo

The Sunnyside Master Gardener Association, dedicated to Helping Others Grow, has been serving the southern Indiana community since 1987. Providing volunteer service by sharing a common interest and love of gardening through educational programs and beautification efforts. Members are required to have completed the Master Gardener training program, the required volunteer hours for certification and to maintain annual recertification requirements.



2021 Officers:


President: Carol Shrewsbury - carolrshrewsbury@gmail.com 

Vice President: Lee Eastland - lee.eastland@yahoo.com 

Secretary: Linda Best - hoosiergardener52@twc.com 

Treasurer: Mike Brodfuehrer - michael.brodfuehrer@gmail.com 

Executive Board Member: Jenene Bledsoe - jcbp01@aol.com  

Education/Program Committee Liaison: Cheryl Moore - cheryl0161@icloud.com 

Community Outreach: Kim Horvath - kimberlehorvath@gmail.com 


Facebook: Sunnyside Master Gardener Facebook Page

Bluebird Team Facebook:  SMG Bluebird Team - Sunnyside Master Gardeners

Purdue Master Gardener Program Policy Guide:  https://extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/mg/mg-5-w.pdf

Purdue University Vehicle Use Policy:  www.purdue.edu/policies/facilities-safety/iva1.html

Online Hours Submission: www.purdue.edu/mg-volunteer


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