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July 13, 2021
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Why belong to an Extension Homemaker Club?

There's a real beauty in belonging to an Extension Homemaker Club. In your club you will meet women who are a lot like you. They are concerned about their families, have similar lifestyles, and encounter similar situations.

Clubs meet monthly to learn more about their home and community and to have a good time with each other. Some clubs take trips and participate in community service activities.  All clubs have a good time and meet new people.

Your club will give you a chance to share ideas with these women. And by sharing your time and efforts with them, everyone learns. Sound fun and inspiring? It is!

But needless to say, the more sincere your effort and the more you invest in your club, the more you'll gain from it. So be a club investor – and reap the many benefits your club has to offer.

Learn about the clubs in your area! Contact the Extension Office at 574-533-0554.


Opportunities for YOU!

Educational Programs

Heritage Skills Classes

The Heritage Skills Classes provides half-day and full-day classes to learn and appreciate family heritage and heirloom skills. This is an annual event scheduled on a Saturday in February/March. To view or download a copy of the Heritage Skills class descriptions and a registration form, click here (coming soon).


For our Extension Homemakers

Over the Coffee Cup Newsletter


Not all forms are available year round. Email fink24@purdue.edu for more information.

Elko Retreat

Fair Information

Volunteer Community Support


IEHA Mission

It is the mission of the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association to strengthen families through continuing education, leadership development and volunteer community support. To learn more about the Association visit their website at http://www.ieha-families.org


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