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Foods 4-H Project

March 24, 2020
4-H Fair Foods Project Judging

The "Fantastic Foods" curriculum series is designed to help youth have fun in the kitchen as they prepare different foods, do fun experiments, and go on fact-finding missions. The curriculum is designed around six major categories: healthy food selection, smart food purchasing, food safety and science, food preparation, food preservation, careers, and food around the world.

A total of five pieces are available in the series. The four youth activity guides: Six Easy Bites (grades 3-4), Tasty Tidbits (grades 5-6), You're the Chef (grades 7-9), and Foodworks (grades 10-12) have been designed to be developmentally appropriate for the grades listed; but may be used by youth in any grade based on their project skills and expertise. The fifth piece, the Project Helper Guide, has been designed to provide an adult, the guiding helper, with some additional background and some tips on helping youth through the activities in their guide.
Are you ready to do fun experiments, prepare flavor-filled recipes, and go on fact-finding missions? That is what "Fantastic Foods" series is all about. You will have fun learning about different food ingredients, food characteristics, and food safety issues.

Your project manual is divided into six "bites": Once You Swallow, Money Talks, Play It Safe, Kitchen Magic, Eat It Later, and Imagine That.

Note: Members are required to complete ONE General 4-H Record Sheet per year which will include all projects that the 4-H member takes for the year.

Project Manuals may be requested through the lending library.  (Only Cats, Dogs and Small Pets require manuals).  Visit the 4-H Online Homepage to find directions for requesting manuals.


General 4H Record Sheets Requirements

Check the 4-H Handbook for complete exhibit details.

In Dubois County, the Foods 4-H project is community judged and typically community judging takes place the Friday evening before the start of fair.

Indiana's 4-H Foods webpage - Includes resources to help you complete and learn about your project.

Foods Recipe Card - Used only for the Food project. MUST be printed on white cardstock.

Project Helper's Resources

University of Georgia Extension National Center for Home Food Preservation

USDA Food Safety Fact Sheets

Kansas State University Extension Kids A-Cookin'

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