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Dubois County 4-H Fair & Indiana State Fair Results

July 15, 2020


Congratulations to all 4-H members on their hard work and accomplishments!

Dubois County 4-H Fair Results - Click Here! 

Ribbons awarded are as follows:

Purple -Grand Champion:  Top Prize - Best overall exhibit in the project

Lavender - Reserve Grand Champion:  Second best overall exhibit in the project

Purple - Champion:  Best exhibit in the level

Lavender - Reserve Champion:  Second best exhibit in the level

Blue:  Above the average of the group

Red:  Average of the group

White:  Below the average of the group

Green:  Exhibit did not meet project requirements.  Additional color stickers indicate work quality.


State Fair:  Exhibit was selected to go to Indiana State Fair 



Indiana State Fair 4-H Project Results - Click Here! 

Select non-animal exhibit results and select Dubois from the county list.

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