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Do you have a wild imagination or enjoy escaping into your own world of fiction? If so, submit a creating writing project to showcase the endless adventures that await.

This is a county only project (No State Fair Exhibit).

Note: Levels by grade in school just completed as follows:

Beginner: grade 3-5; Intermediate: grade 6-8; Advanced: grade 9-12

Creative Writing projects due June 15 in the Extension Office!

Note: Members are required to complete Project Record Sheet for project each year. A Project Manual may be requested from 4-H Club Leader as a reference/guide for completing a project exhibit. Project Manual completion and submission is not a requirement.  

NEW! Project and Member Record Sheets Requirement

1. Prose: Exhibit is a story (fiction or nonfiction), autobiography, biography, essay, journal entry or any other prose piece. This is not a research paper. Maximum of 10 pages plus title page.

2. Poetry: Exhibit is a poem of any style with a maximum of 100 lines.