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This edition of the 4-H Clover Connection includes 4-H Fair information. Please read front to back so you do not miss important information. If you have any questions, call the Extension Office, at 765-747-7732.
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Welcome to Delaware County 4-H! Open 4-H Enrollment begins October 1. We encourage enrollment by January 15, 2017. This article includes 4-H County Fair dates and schedule, Indiana State 4-H Fair dates, project links, the Delaware County 4-H Fairbook, and the Add/Drop Project form. Also, information for the second phase of entering your projects for the 4-H Fair can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact the Extension Office.
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The Indiana State 4-H Program is using the 4HOnline Database in all 92 Counties for 4-H Enrollment. The 4HOnline enrollment period is October 1 to January 15. This earlier enrollment period will provide a more well rounded experience for Indiana 4-H Members.
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Be sure to check out the Delaware County 4-H Fairbook for any questions you may have on 4-H project requirements, judging dates, and fair schedules!
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Do you need to find 4-H Project Requirements, a record sheet or a score card? You will be able to find most of your project requirements here. If you do not find what you are looking for, please call the Delaware County Extension Office at 765-747-7732 or email us at amboswor@purdue.edu or jacksojn@purdue.edu.
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The Purpose of 4-H Posters 4-H Posters provide an opportunity for members to share information about 4-H and a wide range of projects. Posters may be stand-alone pieces that can be exhibited at fairs and events, or visual aids developed to assist with presentations. Please read on to find helpful ways on making a 4-H poster.
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The Purdue Extension - Delaware County Office has free 4-H Yard Signs available. These signs can be placed in your yard to show your support of 4-H. Free while supplies last.

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