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Purdue Extension in Delaware County will host two workshops on fruit and vegetable food safety for direct market growers, covering practices that help to keep food safe from seed to market.
Future Master Gardener's Day Camp (For ages 9 years to 15 years) "Pieces, Pests, Plants and Permaculture" Presented By Delaware County Master Gardeners.
Mini Master Gardener's Day Camp (for ages 5 years to 9 years) The program is "Monarch Butterflies & Milkweed", Presented by the Delaware County Master Gardener's.
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A team of Purdue Extension Educators and Specialists recently completed work on updating the policies and application procedures for the Purdue Master Gardener Program. Learn about the new Purdue Master Gardener Program Policy and what it means for you as a potential or existing Purdue Master Gardener.
The Delaware County Master Gardener Association is committed to the support of gardening and landscape educational programs for the benefit of residents of all ages within Delaware County.
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