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The second meeting of a 'Local Food and Farm Forum' is scheduled for March 31 in Muncie. Purdue Extension is coordinating the forum for those interested in local and regional food production, with a focus on networking diversified, specialty crop, and/or small-scale farm owners and operators marketing their products direct to consumers and to local and regional food buyers.
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Landowners will have the opportunity to learn about woodland management best practices, marketing timber, and managing invasive species by attending a Woodland Management Workshop this spring in Farmland.
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A national survey--conducted by the North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program and carried out by the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC)--has documented for the second year in a row that farmers see a yield increase from the use of cover crops in corn and soybeans. It also provides information on the challenges and benefits that farmers see and expect with cover crops, costs of seed and establishment of cover crops, and how farmers learn to
Four-way cover crop mix
Michael visits a specialty crop farm to discuss a cover crop mix planted after a potato crop. A four-way cover crop mix is discussed, along with details of each species, the benefits of cover crops in a small-scale production system, and management details.