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Great way to sharpen your skills if you can fit in a workshop or show. Look here often to see what available workshops, shows, or events we have posted from other counties.
Feeding Horse
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The University of Minnesota Extension Horse Team will be offering two online certificate courses starting in January 2017. The first course focuses on pasture establishment and management, while the second course focuses on growing and feeding horse hay (see attached fliers below). Although species recommendations will focus on the Upper Midwest, most information can be applied across the U.S.
Michael O'Donnell, Purdue Extension & Natural Resource Educator, explains growing garlic.
Michael O'Donnell, Purdue Extension & Natural Resource Educator, explains Cold Crops.
small farms
A farmer network initiated in March 2015 by Purdue Extension is seeking new participants. Purdue Extension of Delaware and Madison Counties is coordinating the network for those interested in local and regional food production, with a focus on diversified, specialty crop, and small- to mid-scale farm owners and operators marketing their products direct to consumers and to local and regional buyers. Beginning or aspiring farmers are highly encouraged to participate.
Soybeans emerging from terminated stand of cereal rye
Michael O'Donnell, Extension Educator, visits a field that was "planted green" in Delaware County. Check out this YouTube video to learn more about this emerging production system. In this case, soybeans are no-till planted into a green, living cover of cereal rye.
Soil Health pic
Learn about upcoming programs and the latest resources from Purdue Extension-Delaware County, Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR).

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