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Delaware County Mini 4-H

December 7, 2018

Mini 4-H is a program for any child who is in Grades K-2 on January 1. Enrollment must be reinstated annually beginning with open enrollment in October. Mini 4-H members are not required to attend meetings, but are encouraged to attend the special activities planned for them in the spring.

The Mini 4-H member and his or her family work together to complete their project(s). There is no competition in the Mini program and all youth who complete an exhibit for the fair receive the same rainbow completion ribbon.

Project manuals contain suggested activities to help the Mini 4-H member learn about their project area. They are not required to complete all activities in the manuals. Parents are encouraged to help the Mini 4-H member choose the activities that interest them.

It is suggested that youth exhibit one to three projects. Members have the opportunity to explore non-livestock projects, as well as Mini 4-H livestock projects. After completing an activity for each non-livestock project in which your child is enrolled, he/she is encouraged to bring their project(s) to the 4-H Fair to be displayed during the Fair. There is no cost for the Mini project manuals or to join Mini 4-H. Project manuals are available in the Extension Office. Suggested exhibits are listed in the manuals.

*Be sure to check project manuals for specific project requirements. 

For more information on Mini 4-H, please call 765-747-7732.




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