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September 11, 2020

Manual available.

Beginner – Grades 3, 4, or 5

Intermediate – Grades 6, 7, or 8

Advanced – Grades 9, 10, 11, or 12


** Fair Entry – You MUST register your 4-H project in Fair Entry if you plan to exhibit at the 4-H Fair. See page 21! **


Project Requirements:

  1. A 4-H member may sign up for any number of sports.
  2. A record sheet must be turned in for each sport.
  3. Select one sport and prepare an exhibit in that sport to be turned in and judge at the county fair.
  4. Exhibits will be divided according to your grade in school at the time of your enrollment.


  1. Learn the basic skills of the sport(s) you select.
  2. Learn the safety rules of the sport(s) you select.
  3. Practice good sportsmanship.
  4. Have fun learning and participating in the spot.
  5. Participate in the sports project in one of the following three ways.
  1. Participate actively with any organized team in the county.
  2. Participate in a sport with your family, friends, or 4-H club.
  3. If the sport you select is an individual sport, participate on your own.


Exhibit one poster at the county fair. Refer to Poster Guidelines.

Choose 1 of the 5 following as a title for your poster:

  1. "Safety Rules for ___ (name of sport)".
  2. "Equipment Needed for ___ (name of sport)".
  3. "Basic Skills to Develop for ___ (name of sport)”.
  4. "Exercise Value of ___ (name of sport)”.
  5. Or any single topic that relates directly to your sport.
  1. Why you chose this sport.
  2. Who taught you how to play the sport?
  3. The value you have received from playing the sport.


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