To promote nutrition awareness for Ivy Tech students and the community, Ivy Tech Student Life Health and Wellness is hosting a Farm to Fork Lunch and Learn public event at Ivy Tech Community College Lawrenceburg.
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The 2017 Dearborn County 4-H Handbook, Scholarship form, 2017 4-H program master schedule, Dog, Cat, and Horse Vaccination forms, Shooting Sports Manual, record sheets, Junior Leader Manual, 4-H manual order form for leaders, Honor Club requirements, TEAM 4-H, activities, Fashion Revue Form, 2017 "Get Busy" Fitness forms, 2017 Animal Registration information and much much more...
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March 2017 Busy Bee Bugle Newsletter
Indian small farming reaches local neighborhoods
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Purdue Extension reaches Indiana communities.
Answers to the "Sacks of Snacks" activity sheets

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