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Webinar Video Now Available - Delayed Corn & Soybean Planting Decisions

May 24, 2019
Webinar Recording Available

If you missed the Delayed Corn & Soybean Planting Decisions live webinar where late planting alternatives for Eastern Corn Belt corn and soybean farming operations were discussed, you can now view the recording. Included is a discussion of crop insurance alternatives as well as corn and soybean agronomic management considerations.

The May 23rd Delayed Corn & Soybean Planting Decisions webinar featured Bob Nielsen and Shaun Casteel from Purdue Agronomy along with Michael Langemeier and Jim Mintert from the Center for Commercial Agriculture. The link below provides access to the recorded webinar via our Archived Webinars page, as well as the slides for download. Please make sure you download the corrected version of the slides posted on the Center for Commercial Agriculture's website. The slides used during the video incorrectly referenced June 30 as RMA's end of the late planting period for corn in Indiana. The correct date for the end of the late planting period is actually June 25. This affected several calculations throughout the presentation and they have been corrected on the slide deck posted on the Center's website.

Additionally, at the beginning of the video, the USDA's announcement from May 23rd is covered regarding the 2019 support program for farmers related to trade disruption. There are several aspects of the program that are ambiguous and the Center for Commercial Agriculture is seeking clarification regarding how the program will be implemented, particularly as it relates to acreage that is designated as prevented planting. When that information becomes available, it will be posted on the Center's website.


Watch the Delayed Corn & Soybean Planting Decisions webinar now >>

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