DeKalb County Extension Homemakers

The DEKALB COUNTY EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS is an organized group of women consisting of twelve local clubs that include over 180 active members.  Each club meets on a regular basis, providing group activities and volunteer opportunities for its members.  Three of the clubs share a common interest such as sewing, cooking and singing.

As an Extension Homemaker you have opportunities to:

LEARN . . .

  • Meet with friends and neighbors in educational and social settings.
  • Share experiences and information.
  • Keep up-to-date on new knowledge and research.

GROW . . .

  • Experience personal growth and develop skills.
  • Form lasting friendships while sharing leadership responsibilities for programs and projects.

CARE . . .

  • Make a difference in today's world.
  • Support projects that help children and families live better lives.

Contact the Extension Office at (260) 925-2562 for information about joining a club!

Indiana Extension Homemakers Association


ATTENTION: Club Presidents & Officers

If you need specific forms that are due throughout the year, contact the Extension Office at (260) 925-2562. We have duplicate copies available in the office or we can email a digital file to your email address.