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August 10, 2020


Register by September 3, 2020




Title: Let Purdue Extension help you “Get WalkIN’”

By: Jennifer Stefancik


Are you ready to get moving, improve your health and enjoy life more?  Get WalkIN’ is a free    e-mail based walking program being offered through Purdue Extension in Daviess County. Participants can sign-up, walk on their own and receive e-mailed support and information. It is designed to encourage individuals to learn more about the health benefits of walking and encourage individuals to get moving.  


Walking is a popular form of physical activity—and good for your health! Only half of all American adults get the recommended amount of physical activity. Lack of physical activity is directly related to the occurrence of adult obesity and overweight. Regular physical activity can lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, and falls in older adults. Walking is an excellent way for most people to increase their physical activity. It is an easy way to start and maintain a physically active lifestyle.


Walking is accessible to almost anyone, doesn’t require specific skills or abilities to perform, can be performed alone or with others, and is adaptable (i.e., can be performed at any chosen intensity, and is inexpensive). Walking can serve many purposes. It can be a way to exercise, have fun, or get to school, work, or other nearby destinations. Importantly, making walking easier can help communities by improving safety, social cohesion, local economies and reducing air pollution.


Do you know that you need to get more active but lack the initiative to get started?  Do you make excuses like “I do not have time, I don’t want to walk alone, or where would I walk?” Have you started to walk and lost interest or motivation?  Get WalkIN’ is just for you! You will receive e-mails that provide encouragement, motivation, provide information about health and wellness, and more!


The program will start Monday September 7, 2020.  Participants will be asked to complete two short online surveys.


To sign up email or call Jennifer Stefancik, jstefanc@purdue.edu or call 812-254-8668.  Before you know it, you will be walking, feeling better, having more energy, and a new healthy habit!  


Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Back To School Tip



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Take financial control of your life

with Purdue Extension program

Program added 6/18/20202



WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. —Purdue Extension Health and Human Sciences (HHS), has launched a free online program for anyone seeking money management best practices and financial control. The Where Does Your Money Go? online program will guide participants through the creation of their spending-savings plan and provide practical resources for them to use in their own lives.


The program was recently switched to an online platform to make it accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic. The six-module course includes videos, interactive activities, self-assessments and downloadable spending tracking forms. The program is self-paced and can be completed at the viewer’s convenience. Participants should allow approximately four to six weeks to complete the modules and associated activities. 


After completion of the course, participants will understand how current money management practices affect financial security, how to establish good financial management practices and new habits that create personal financial security. Best practices that will be explored and discussed include identifying spending leaks, categorizing needs vs. wants, tracking expenses and establishing written financial goals.


“The goal of the course is to increase your financial knowledge and resources so you can manage your personal finances better. Managing money takes learned skills and we hope that this program will help anyone who wants to learn or improve those skills,” said Naomi Bechtold, Purdue Extension specialist for family resource management and course organizer.


To register for the Where Does Your Money Go? program, go to https://bit.ly/WDYMGOnlineRegistrationLink.


Writer: Abby Leeds, mayer36@purdue.edu 

Source: Naomi Bechtold, nbechtol@purdue.edu

Agricultural Communications: 765-494-8415;

Maureen Manier, Department Head, mmanier@purdue.edu  

Agriculture News Page






Healthy Start Communities That Care

A FREE voluntary incentive program for Women to ensure Mom, Baby (and Dad, too) have a happy healthy pregnancy and are as best-prepared for the life after baby's arrival.  Program is offered to ANY Daviess, Dubois, Martin or Green County residents.  Gifts may include baby items, maternal items, giftt cards, etc.  Participants who  complete the Program will receive a $50 gift card at birth as well as the incentivie gifts!!


Special Areas of interest - incentive gifts for each session


Early Care - When 0-12 weeks

Making Plans - When 12-20 weeks

Prepare for Baby - When 20-30 weeks

Prepare for Birth - When 30-37 weeks (or sooner)


See the flyer below for full details and additional information.  


To register contact your local Perinatal Navigator to enroll today - (812) 254-2760 ext. 1333




FREE Webinars or Zooms


Fathering in 15


Join us for 15 Topics, 15 Minutes, Online learning to help you be the best dad you can be and receive a $50 gift card for completing the program!


Connect with our staff today!


Daviess County: Call or Text 812-698-6042

Dubois & Martin Counties: Call or Text 812-309-3983

Greene County: Call 812-665-0311


See flyer below for add'l information and full details - thank you!





COVID-19 Family Care Page (added 5/12/20)






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2. Grocery Shopping


3. Kitchen Substitutes



Topic - Exercise


 1. Go 4Life-Too much sitting at your desk?



Topic - Money Matters



1.  Credit Making it Work for you!


2.  Behind on Bills?







Without power after last night's storm?  

             Follow these tips to determine if your food is still safe.









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