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2019 National 4-H Council Internships (updated 9/26/18)

September 26, 2018

Accepting Applications for 2019 Program Assistants

Do you know a college student who has a passion for government, history, political science, education, public speaking, or leadership? We are looking for individuals with a passion for working with young people. If this brings someone to mind, please encourage them to apply for the position of Program Assistant (PA) at the National 4-H Conference Center! Our PA’s impact the lives of thousands of students from all over the United States.Program Assistants:



Wonders of Washington Educational Program Assistants

WOW PAs work with multiple age groups and learn more about the non-profit sector and youth services through professional development exercises and opportunities. 






Citizenship &  Leadership Washington Focus Program Assistants

CWF/LWF PAs develop and facilitate a unique program experience for over 1,500 4-H youth from across the country in Washington, D.C.

The CWF/LWF PA experience begins in mid-May and ends in late-July. Applications will open in December 2018 and are due January 31, 2019




If you know a college student looking for an internship or credit towards graduation, please share this email or have them contact Zach Hall at ZHall@4HCenter.org.




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