The Learning Network of Clinton County

Education offers a practical, positive way for people and organizations to respond to the challenged facing out country and workplaces, and to improve the quality of life in our communities. Unfortunately, time, cost and distance can present obstacles to learning.

The Learning Network overcomes those obstacles by connecting people and organizations with educational programs throughout Indiana. We bring a world of educational opportunities to Clinton County.

As an advocate for postsecondary education in Clinton County (and beyond), we provide information and support. We even arrange individual classes and entire degree programs at local sites, from graduate courses that help teachers develop their skills close to home to classes that introduce people of all ages to the power of computers.

Whether their individual goals involve better jobs or simply the sheer joy of learning, we help people find the classes they need. In addition to programs that provide college credit, we offer classes to build proficiency with computers, master other languages, and develop marketable business skills.

The Learning Network contributes to the vitality of the business community and helps Clinton County attract new employees by creating custom-designed workplace skills and closing skill gaps to meet the demand of business. Our high-tech computer lab provides anytime-anyplace training to advance the needs of Clinton County employers.

Each year, we serve more residents and businesses through a wider variety of programs and individual classes.

We are eager to serve your organization to meet your training needs.

Visit the Learning Network website directly at The Learning Network