Parenting & Care for Children
Purdue Extension-Clay County and CRADLES welcome you and your children to a block party! This isn't your typical block party with backyard barbequing and friendly get-togethers. This is a party where parents and caregivers can help children enjoy the world of blocks while also guiding their children's early learning experiences by using blocks as the tools to support their development.
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Extension Connector Newsletter - December 2014
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With the transformation outside associated with the leaves changing color, pumpkins and chrysanthemums showing up in yards, and harvest taking place, now is a great time to enjoy the outdoors in Clay County. You can enjoy the outdoors while getting involved in the different programs offered by Purdue Extension or by visiting any of the wonderful state parks or recreational facilities located in West Central Indiana with your family. Did you know that the first state park in Indiana
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Extension Connector Newsletter - August 2014