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The Clay County Extension Office has moved into the new calendar year and the staff is working diligently to create and provide some great programs in the next few months.
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Clay County Extension Connector Newsletter - December 2016
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Extension Connector Newsletter - October 2016
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Extension Connector Newsletter - August/September 2016
Clay County Indiana 4-H Fairgrounds
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If you have grapes, then you should be on the lookout for black rot. Black rot impacts grape production every year. It is a fungus that infects young canes, flowers, tendrils, leaves, and fruit. Most individuals do not notice they have black rot until they see the dark, mummified grapes on their vines.
This year, I had the joy of continuing to host livestock skill-a-thon contests at the Owen County Fair and the Clay County Fair. The winner of the livestock skill-a-thon is not based on how an animal looks, but on the youth's knowledge of the livestock industry as a whole. So here are a few tidbits of information I hope the youth gained thanks to participating in the livestock skill-a-thons this year.

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