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Extension Connector Newsletter - April 2014
Showcase Owen County
The Owen County Chamber of Commerce and Purdue Extension - Owen County firmly believes in the value of supporting our local businesses. In order to raise awareness and encourage others in our community to shop local first, we are planning the second annual "Showcase Owen County 2015" event at the Owen County Fairgrounds on April 25, 2015 from 10 am to 2 pm.
Today more than 60 percent of new jobs are derived from existing companies in our communities, and research shows that in some communities that figure is as high as 80 percent. Economic development corporations are vital to community success, and that is a fact I cannot deny, but I also must state that not enough emphasis is placed on assisting existing companies, particularly Tier 2 companies, to help them grow.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the produce section of your local grocery store? There are so many different fruits and vegetables to choose from and knowing how to select and prepare the varieties can be a challenge. Kale is becoming quite popular and provides many health benefits! Kale chips can be a great snack in place of potato chips while providing a lot of nutrients at the same time.