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The Extension Homemakers Clubs are sponsoring an Adult & Youth Open Class in Home Economics at the county 4-H Fair. This event is open to any adult or youth (including 4-H members & others) who is a present resident of Clay County or who is a member of a Clay County Extension Homemakers or 4-H Club, if residing out of the county. The committee is urging all interested people to enter.
According to the 2013 Community Assessment for Older Adults in Owen and Monroe Counties, 50% of adults are caregivers. Through various community programming efforts, we have seen that caregiving is a tough job and one that often goes unnoticed with little support for the people giving care. Please complete this brief survey that will be used to asses the needs of caregivers and identify the strengths and gaps within caregiving in order to improve resources for our communities.
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Are you a grandparent who is caring for a grandchild? Are you a close family friend or relative who is parenting a child because their biological parents no longer can? If you answered yes, then you are considered to be a kinship or resource parent. Resource parents includes kinship parents, as well as foster and adoptive parents. KEEPP is both a parenting educational program and a research study that is being conducted by Purdue University whose classes are specifically designed for kinshi
Clay County Indiana 4-H Fairgrounds
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The latest edition of the Extension Connector is now available. The October edition includes information about Spark Clubs, Movie Night, 4-H Enrollment, Extension Homemakers Programs, Bi-State Agriculture Programs, Farmland Rental, Boo Bugs and much more!
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New Year, New Possibilities! Another year is wrapping up and the new year is right around the corner.  2015 was another great year for Purdue Extension.  We would like to thank everyone for your support and dedication to Clay County and Purdue Extension.  We want to take time to thank Tammy Steiner the 4-H Youth Development Educator for all of her dedication to the Clay County 4-H program, she will be missed.  We have several great things happening for 2016, so please continue to follow u
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Extension Connector Newsletter - August 2014

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