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Clay County 4-H Sewing Project

January 15, 2020

This is a series on how to sew. Participants sew garments or non-wearable items of increasing difficulty as they progress and build their skills over time. The garments range from simple items to a tailored suit or coat. Non-wearable items range from simple items such as basic pillows to duffle bags, window treatments, household organizers, etc.


Exhibit Cards: 

Grades 3-4

Grade 5 

Grade 6 

Grade 7

Grade 8-12 


Record Sheets: 

Sew Much Fun • Level A: Grade 3 Record Sheet

Sew Much Fun • Level A: Grade 4 Record Sheet

Sew Much Fun • Level B: Grade 5 Record Sheet

Level B: Grade 6 Record Sheet

Level C: Grade 7 Record Sheet

Level C: Grades 8 & 9 Record Sheet

Level D: Grades 10-12 Record Sheet



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