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Clay County 4-H Entomology Project

January 15, 2020

 References:  BU-8440     Teaming with Insects - Level 1 - Grades 3-5 - Introduces the world of insects.

                      BU-8441     Teaming with Insects - Level 2 - Grades 6-8 - shows you how to make insect collection tools and expands on the basic concepts of biodiversity, invasive species, integrated pest management, and forensic entomology.

                      BU-8442     Teaming with Insects - Grades 9-12 - delves even deeper into the basic concepts and encourages you to take control of your learning by doing your own research using the scientific method and reference materials.

                      4-H-764      How to Study, Collect, Preserve and Identify Insects

Entomology Boxes 24” x 18” available upon request through Extension Office

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