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Clay County 4-H Electricity Project

January 15, 2020

The 4-H electricity/electronics program provides youth with educational information about electricity and how it can be used to benefit the human race. The electricity/electronics program develops project skills (i.e., safe practices, proper use of fuses and circuit breakers, proper lighting techniques, proper wiring techniques) and life skills (i.e., decision-making, using science and technology, developing communication skills). These fun-filled, hands-on learning experiences are provided under the direction of caring adults.

Electricity References:           

4H 421              I – Getting on Track with Electricity

CD-4-H-421       I – Getting on Track with Electricity (CD Version of manual)

4H 422             II – Scoring Electricity Through Magnetism

CD-4-H-422      II – Scoring Electricity Through Magnetism 9CD version of

                             manual - Includes Shake Light video instructions

4H 423           III – Alternating your Thoughts about Electricity

4H 1000          IV – Lighting the Way

4H 425            Advanced – Electricity Works for You

Kits Sold at Extension Office - Circuit Board, Extension Cord, Trouble Light & Shake Light



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