Yard and Garden
Nostoc algae on gravel (Photo credit: Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab)
For the last few years we have noticed some green blobs on our gravel drive. It only grows in size when it rains and dries up and turns black when the weather is sunny. It looks like turkey droppings and feels like jelly when wet.
Early symptoms of hollyhock rust (Photo Credits: Dan Egel, Purdue Dept. of Plant Pathology)
Ugly scale on hollyhocks could be fungal rust
Hops (Photo Credit: Purdue Extension ID-462-W)
Q. I need information on how to manage hops from the ground up and when and how to do what. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated, such as when to dig rhizomes, prune, storage, etc.
Rhododendron desiccation (Photo credit: Rosie Lerner/Purdue University)
Protecting rhododendrons from winter winds