Whether you are a crop or livestock farmer, a vegetable grower, gardener, land owner, input supplier or an agribusiness manager, you have heard and perhaps gotten involved in the debates and conversations about genetically modified crops or the popular version, genetically modified organisms (GMOs). So much has been said and written on this subject but the controversies surrounding this topic still remain for such a long time. There are many myths surrounding this touchy subject and the facts ar
The annual southern Indiana Area 2 Agricultural outlook event is here! Its purpose is to help farmers, land owners, input suppliers, agribusiness managers and those interested in Agriculture make better business decisions in the coming year. The session for Clark and Floyd Counties will take place on December 13th at 7:30am at CLARK COUNTY 4-H FAIRGROUNDS, 9608 Hwy 62, Charlestown, Indiana
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November/December 2016 Extension Newsletter
Heritage Farm Award
The 2016 Annual Clark County Farmers Appreciation Day celebration took place during the County's Fair on July 10th. The event was climax with the giving of awards to 4 deserving Clark County Farmers who have contributed a significantly to Agriculture in the County - The Heritage Farmer award, the Heritage Farm award, the Urban Farmer award and the Young/Beginner Farmer award
Clark County beekeeping
With the ever narrowing profit margins in farm family incomes and the unpredictability in productivity of age old farming practices, diversifying farm income in Clark County does not need to look too far - beekeeping offers that promise

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