All producers and livestock owners as well as small ruminants owners would like to have the basic skills to be able to engage in "Do-it-yourself" basic health practices at home. Cattle ranchers and small ruminant animal owners need knowledge in basic animal science and how to meet the day-to-day health needs of their animals - preventive and basic treatments that do not rise up to the level of calling in a vet doctor. Dr. Bethany Funnell (DVM) of the Purdue University college of Veterinary Medic
Honey Bee Challenge
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Honey Bee Challenge Working in teams, youth will assemble model bees using bristle bot kits and construct foraging routes for their model bees to follow. Teams are evaluated on the efficiency of their material use in designing foraging routes, the amount of pollen their bees collect, and the time their bees spend foraging. This FREE activity is open to youths ages 10-18. November 15th 6:30 - 7:30p Location: Clarksville Middle School To register go to:
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The Clark County 4-H Corporation Board would like to thank our 2016 4-H Livestock Auction Buyers for another successful year.
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Clark County 4-H Online Enrollment Begins!!! October 1st - January 15th
Open House
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Clark County 4-H Open House October 24, 2016 6pm-8pm Come join us for free food and games as you learn more about what Clark County 4-H has to offer!!!
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