Man with safety helmet and face shield utilizing chainsaw to fell tree.
For residents not working in the tree industry, chain saw accidents are regular and deadly according to statistics collected monthly by the Tree Care Industry Association. Those who find rewards in cutting trees or firewood on their own land can protect themselves by understanding best practices for safety,
Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment (HEE) Newsletter
The Spring/Summer 2016 issue gives a great look into the current happenings of the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment. Among these is the introduction of the brand new HEE website, student highlights, new publications, the organization's outreach and wildlife photos of the 2016 field season.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's North Central Sustainable Agriculture, Research and Education program is offering a number of grants for farmers, educators and researchers working on projects in sustainable agriculture. Individuals and groups are eligible to apply for the grants, which promote "ecologically sound, profitable and socially responsible farming and ranching," said Roy Ballard, Purdue Extension educator in Hancock County and Indiana SARE coordinator.
A bee pollinating a flower
A series of three new publications from Purdue Extension will offer homeowners, farmers and commercial applicators practical tips on protecting pollinators from insecticide exposure and other risks. Each publication in the Protecting Pollinators series is available as a free download from Purdue's The Education Store at www.edustore.purdue.edu.
Sinkholes can have an adverse effect to our water quality. In this video, Purdue biologists interview a local cave expert and a local conservationist about how sinkholes are connected to our rivers, streams, and water supplies and how we can help protect them.
Two Yellow Buoys
The Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant program continues to monitor The Great Lakes while sharing real-time data to fishermen and boaters by utilizing social media. Wind speed, lake temperatures and wave height are now shared with Twitter posts for quick and easy access to the public.
State relief agencies were calling for more volunteers and financial contributions to help victims of back-to-back storms that triggered flooding and tornadoes across a wide swath of north-central Indiana over the past 10 days, damaging homes, commercial buildings and crops and leaving at least a dozen people injured.

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