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Consumer Clothing

November 20, 2019

We all invest a lot of time and money in clothing. The Consumer Clothing Project will help you make wise decisions. In each division you will complete one activity in each group. Describe your results.


Beginner (grades 3-5):         What you will learn to do: Identify characteristics of good fit, identify primary and secondary colors, read and understand labels, practice clothing care, practice good grooming habits.

Intermediate (grades 6-8):    What you will learn to do: Identify how clothes help shape your identity, recognize becoming styles for you, recognize quality clothing, learn color terminology, help with the family laundry, gain information about various cosmetics.

Advanced (grades 9-12):      What you will learn to do: Recognize patterns, fabrics, and colors that are becoming to you, make needed clothing repairs, plan and select clothes for your total wardrobe, analyze cosmetic advertising claims and read labels.

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