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November 20, 2019

The verbal communication events and activities are offered to 4-H members as a way to teach presentation and public speaking skill development. 4-H’ers will learn the difference between a demonstration, informative presentation, professional persuasive presentation, public speaking, and illustrated talk. The differences in the types of presentations include:

* Demonstration - Teaches how-to-do with step-by-step instructions;

* Informative 4-H Presentation - Informs the audience about a 4-H event or activity (ex. Round-Up or Community Service Project.);

* Professional Persuasive Presentation - Research an issue and present findings and recommendation to address this issue;

* Public Speaking - Prepared speech with no props or digital enhancement. Self-selected topic that is 4-H related; and

* Illustrated Talk - Rabbits and poultry only. Demonstration or informative presentation using an animal.

The project will focus on organizing a presentation, developing visual aids and general delivery techniques.

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