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picture of a double peony flower
To admire a peony in full bloom is a fitting way to celebrate our full arrival into spring and preview a hint of the colors that summer will bring to our gardens. Although it is native to Asia, the peony has become a staple of Midwestern flower gardens - so much so that the Indiana Legislature in 1957 adopted the peony as the state flower.
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Indoor plants will require more frequent watering and fertilization as they increase their summer growth. Houseplants can be moved outdoors to a shady location, but pay close attention to their watering needs.
Trees for planting
Spring is a prime time for improving your property with new trees. They provide many benefits which everyone can share. Wise planning is essential to ensure the new trees meet your design needs and functional solutions as well. Follow these tips to get your tree started right and make it a long-lasting sustainable planting.
picture of a Stable fly with extended mouthparts
"These boots are made for walkin,' and that's just what they'll do" is a line from the classic 1966 Nancy Sinatra hit song. Of course, boots can't walk by themselves. Boots need the assistance of a foot to do that walkin' thing. Biologically, a foot is the terminal part of the leg of a human or other animal and in general functions for walking.