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picture of an adult bed bug
A visit to Washington, D.C., is always an experience. I mean, with the Capitol building, the White House, the monuments, the museums, the Mall, the traffic, and people from all corners of the world, the seat of the U.S. government is one happenin' place.
HOME (Indoor plants and activities) Check houseplant leaves for brown, dry edges, which indicates too little relative humidity in the house. Increase humidity by running a humidifier, grouping plants or using pebble trays.
picture of tomato leaves
Q. Can tomato plants absorb water through their leaves on humid days? Also on cool and hot days, how often do you need to water with our heavy clay soil? - C.W., Crown Point, Ind.
picture of a boll weevil insect
Song lyrics cover topics of all kinds. There are songs about emotions, people, events, inanimate objects, plants and animals. Amongst animals immortalized in song are insects.