picture of oak leaves in the fall
Q. I have a white oak tree that lost about half of its leaves to a varmint. I'm guessing June bugs that were in a bunch about 15 feet away. The tree did not put out any new growth except late in the summer on the end of the tallest limb. Meantime, a new tree sprung up. I'll include some pictures that will show the leaves and their color. I have no idea what flavor this oak is.
image of a Boxelder bug
A word or set of words by which a person, animal, place or thing is known is a name. Exactly when humans began using names for each other is lost in antiquity. For sure, though, we have been using vocal utterances to describe things including each other for thousands of years.
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Check water levels in cut flowers daily. Check stored produce and flower bulbs for rot, shriveling or excess moisture. Discard damaged material. Most houseplants require less water in winter months because growth is slowed or stopped.
image of petunias and marigolds
To celebrate Indiana's bicentennial this year, the Garden Club of Indiana and the Indiana Bicentennial Commission are hoping gardeners will join the Blue & Gold garden tribute to Indiana's state flag.