Greenhouse operators and horticulturists will have an opportunity to network with industry experts and Purdue Extension specialists during the 2016 Indiana Flower Growers Association Purdue Conference. The conference will be 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 5 at the Beck Center, 4540 U.S. 52 W, West Lafayette.
picture of a house fly
Many insects have names. These names fall into one of two groups: common names or scientific names. Names generally used by the public for specific insects are known as common names and sometimes vary from place to place.
picture of a redbone hound treeing
Over the years I have been the proud owner of a redbone or two. This breed of hound is a trailing dog and is often used for raccoon hunting. If you have never been on a raccoon hunt using trailing dogs, here is how it works.
picture of a giant swallowtail larva
Mention puppy and not everyone is reminded of cute little baby dogs or wolves. Some older folks might call an arrogant teenager a "young pup!" The term "puppy" can also be used to describe something in a playful way: "Joe's new car is some puppy!" I have even heard people lament that their feet are "tired puppies" after a long walk.