picture of a hydroponics farm
Purdue Extension's Indiana Beginning Farmer program is offering military veterans, active duty members and their families an opportunity to learn about aquaponics on Oct. 15 during a daylong program. Participants will meet for a morning workshop starting at 10 a.m. at the Millgrove United Methodist Church, 11151 Millgrove Road, in Quincy, Indiana, followed by a tour of the Ponderosa Aqua Farm, a veteran-owned family business.
photo of 2016 wine competition
Wente Vineyards' 2013 Charles Wetmore Cabernet Sauvignon was named Wine of the Year at the 25th Indy International Wine Competition, held Wednesday and Thursday (Aug. 3 and 4) at Purdue University. The annual event is the largest independent wine competition in the United States, featuring 79 classes of wines from commercial and private winemakers around the world.
Indiana fruit and vegetable growers bringing irrigation systems into operation as production gets into full swing should have their water tested as part of good agricultural practices for produce food safety, Purdue Extension food safety educator Scott Monroe says.
photo of people at a farmers market
Shoppers at more than 100 farmers markets, grocery stores, food pantries and roadside produce stands throughout Indiana can now connect with FoodLink, Purdue Extension's online hub for information about healthy foods.