Weather & Climate
This map of Indiana shows counties, highlighted in color, that have established a COAD, short for co
Purdue Extension is helping to provide training in January so that Indiana communities can organize to better prepare for and recover from disasters.
Icicles cascading down the side of the Whistler Hall greenhouse at Purdue University frame a student
After this bitter-cold start to the new year in Indiana, a gradual warming trend could begin in mid-January and offer some relief for the rest of the month before - you guessed it - temperatures dip again for a long spell.
Starting this month, Purdue Extension will offer a series of traditional winter farm meetings with a digital-age twist: Participants and presenters from throughout the state will be linked via the Internet.
Light-Timber Frames for Transitional Disaster-Relief Housing, FNR-493-W
In the aftermath of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, victims could get more than temporary help if the structures erected to provide immediate relief could be easily converted into permanent structures. These converted, repurposed buildings developed by Dr. Eva Haviarova and Dr. Carl Eckelman could become long-term housing, schools, and clinics-or farm and light-industrial buildings.