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2021 4-H Handbook

May 10, 2021
Cover of 2021 4-H Handbook

2021 4-H Handbook

Welcome to the home of the 2021 Boone County 4-H Handbook! This page will provide you with important details about the 4-H projects you or your child has signed up for. Please make sure to check out each page for important information. Please take note that changes to rules for 2021 are in RED and Bolded in the handbook so that you can easily find updates. It is still important to read project rules in their entirety so you don't miss something.


  1. Purdue Extension- Boone Co. Office Information

  2. Indiana 4-H Policies and Procedures

  3. Use of 4-H Name and Emblem

  4. Contact Info for 4-H Club Leaders

  5. Contact Info for 4-H Project Leaders

  6. 4-H Fair Dates

  7. Boone County 4-H Exhibit General Rules

  8. Non-Animal Project Rules

  9. Animal Project Rules

  10. Grievance Policies and Procedures


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