The Horseman without Horses project is designed for 4-Hers that do not currently own or lease a horse. Through this project you will learn about the horse, the horse industry, and caring for horses.

County Only Project


Important documents can be found at the bottom of this page underneath "Related Files".



  • Each 4-H member needs to turn in a record sheet and worksheet to complete the Horseman without Horses project for the year. Whether you are exhibiting a project or not; paperwork is due at time of judging check-in.
  • Grade is based on the grade you were in when you enrolled in 4-H for the 2017 year.
  • Answers to the worksheet are found in the Beginning Horse Management Manual (Ohio State). One resource manual is provided per family the first year a family member takes either Horses or Horseman without Horses.

Here are some additional websites that you might find helpful for this project:

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