2014 4-H Awards
2013 Photo by Caroline Cottrill
Photo by Caroline Cottrill

2014 Blackford County 4-H Fair Awards

Building Champion Awards


Animal Posters    4-H Dog Club    Brinna Catterson

Architecture & Heritage   Marion & Ruth Ann Clawson  Jarron Morris

Cake Decorating   Harry, Betty, and Joe Pearson   Linsey McCowan

Child Development    Poet Biorefining   Caroline Cottrill

Collections    4-H Council     Jacob Brewer

Computer Arts   Scott & Stacy Clupper    Taylre Lathem

Construction Toys   Pak-A-Sak Hartford City   Quenton Thurman

Consumer Clothing   Extension Homemakers  Natalie Thurman

Corn    Matthews Feed & Grain  Cameron Rinker

Crafts    Art & Jannett Jackson   Quenton Thurman

Creative Writing   Poet Biorefining   Bailey Cline

Decorated Wearables   Matthews Feed & Grain     Taylre Lathem

Electric    Pak-A-Sak Montpelier    Kyle Holsten

Entomology   Jim Thurman Family   Andrew Thurman

Farm Toy Scene   Harry, Betty & Joe Pearson  Cortlan Gentry

Fashion Revue  Extension Homemakers     Marci Thurman

Floriculture (Flowers)   Jim Thurman Family  Trent Jones

Food Preservation   Blackford 4-H Fair Board Quenton Thurman

Foods    Blackford 4-H Fair Board   Quenton Thurman

Forestry   EcoWater of Hartford City   Josie Catterson

Garden  Harry, Betty & Joe Pearson   Trent Jones

Genealogy      Kyle Hess Western Life   Lori Pluimer

Geology (rock collecting)  Scott & Stacy Clupper     Kyra Catterson

Gift Wrapping    Harry, Betty & Joe Pearson   Kaleigh Thurman

Health    EcoWater of Hartford City   Kyra Catterson

Home Environment   Poet Biorefining    Taylre Lathem

Microwave    Blackford 4-H Fair Board    Cortlan Gentry

Models   Pak-A-Sak Hartford City    Jacob Brewer

Personality   Laureate Beta Upsilon     Caroline Cottrill

Photography  Harry, Betty & Joe Pearson  Caroline Cottrill

Quilting    Extension Homemakers   Meghan Holst

Recycling   Phil & Myra Freel   Cortlan Gentry

Scrapbooking  Poet Biorefining    Kaleigh Thurman

Sewing – non wearable  Extension Homemakers    Krista White

Sewing – wearable   Extension Homemakers   Marci Thurman

Shooting Sports    Harry, Betty & Joe Pearson    Dylan Stephenson

Small Animals (Pets)  4-H Fever Club  David Brewer

Small Engines    Pak-A-Sak Montpelier   Dylan Stephenson

Small Grains   Scott & Stacy Clupper  Cameron Rinker

Soybeans    Matthews Feed & Grain    Ian Reid

Sportfishing     Harry, Betty & Joe Pearson   Dylan Stephenson

Sports     Jim Thurman Family      Nicholas Otwinoski

Vet Science      Matthew Feed & Grain       Caroline Cottrill

Wildlife     Scott & Stacy Clupper    Kyra Catterson

Woodworking   Don & MaryBeth Hunsberger   Russell Pluimer


Special Awards

4-H Electrical Awards provided by Indiana Electric Association.  Presented to each Champion.

Division 1  Nicholas Otwinowski

Division 3  Eddie Pluimer

Advanced  Kyle Holsten


Garden Grand Champion presented by GreenLeaf Incorporated.

Trent Jones


First Year Sewing Members

Christopher Cottrill and Brianna Stroble – sewing kits provided by Brian & Jessica Kitterman


Livestock Judging Contest

Senior:  Katey Apple, Cody Reid, Breanna Penrod, Wes Moore and Emily Bacon

Junior:  Russell Pluimer, Brandon Apple, Taylre Lathem, Kate Cale and Ellie Langdon

Beginner:  Abby Langdon, Ian Reid, Brooklyn Moore, Jackson Cranston and Eddie Pluimer

Mini 4-H: Hunter Calem, Jaelyn Morris and Isabelle Reid


Beef Barn Awards

Terry Forrester:  Austin Mackey

Outstanding Member:  Darren Stultz

Clean Stall:  Noah Kitterman


Dairy Barn Awards

Outstanding Member:  Kirstin Kreisher

Clean Pen:  Justin and Breanna Penrod

Ten Year:  Kyle Holsten


Swine Barn Awards

Outstanding Member:  Quenton Thurman

Clean Pen: Brady Beck

Ten Year: Kyle Holsten, Kaleigh Thurman, Bryce Wilson


Sheep Barn Awards

Outstanding Member:  Katey Apple

Clean Pen:  Brooklyn Moore

Ten Year:  Katey Apple


Goat Barn Awards

Outstanding Member:  Kendal Cowgill

Clean Pen:  Alyssa King

Ten Year:  Katey Apple, Kyle Holsten, Krista White


Poultry Barn Awards

Outstanding Member:  Codie Hall

Clean Pen: Nathan & Derrick Elliott

Ten Year:  Katey Apple


Rabbit Barn Awards

Rabbit Ambassador

              Novice – Spencer Parker

              Junior – Taylre Lathem

              Senior – Kasey Kellogg

Outstanding Member:  Kyle Kellogg

Clean Pen: Kyle Kellogg


Horse & Pony Barn Awards

Outstanding Member:  Autumn McCowan

Clean Stall:  Breanna Chamber-Riddle

Ten Year:  Austin Mackey


Dog Project Awards

Outstanding Member:  Kendal Cowgill

Ten Year:  Krista White


Program Participation and Recognition


Science Workshops:

Vet Science -Daniel Shriver, PINE - Whitley Felver, Electric - Russell Pluimer and Chorus - Meghan Holst


4-H Camp Counselors: 

Jarron Morris, Riley Apple, Trent Jones, David Shriver, Marci Thurman and Kaleigh Thurman


Teen Leadership Conference: 

Kathryn Clamme, Holly Kirk, Ellie Langdon, Joseph Payne, Natalie Thurman, Quenton Thurman, Gage Underwood


State 4-H Dairy Ambassadors:

Lori Pluimer


4-H Congress: 

Ben Goodson, Shelby Sullivan and Amber Southwick


Achievement Pins

Awarded for 5 years of completing a project and 10 year guards for 10 years of completion of a project are sponsored by the 4-H Council.

Brandon Apple:  Goat, Poultry, Sheep, Swine

Anya Aulbach:  Swine, Foods

Ben Schomber:  Sheep, Electric, Foods, Food Preservation, Poultry, Swine, Woodworking

Mark White:  Dog, Goat, Models, Poultry

Katlyn Cale:  Goat, Poultry

Jacob Heine:  Microwave Cooking

Dylan Jones:  Goat, Poultry

Calista Shroyer: Horse & Pony, Goat, Poultry, Photography

Morgan Shroyer: Photography, Goats, Poultry, Horse & Pony

Dylan Shroyer:  Goat, Poultry

Jarron Morris:  Woodworking, Swine, Poultry, Construction Toys, Architecture & Heritage

Hayley Hutson:  Swine, Goat, Dairy

Destiny Banter: Goat

Breanna Chambers-Riddle: Goat, Poultry, Horse & Pony

Amber Southwick:  Rabbit

Katey Apple:  5 year pin:  Swine.  10 year guards:  Crafts, Goat, Sheep, Poultry

Kyle Holsten:  5 year pin:  Crafts.  10 year guards:  Goat, Swine, Dairy, Models, Electric, Woodworking, Lawn & Garden

Krista White: 10 year guards: Crafts, Dog Obedience, Goat

Meghan Holst:  10 year guards: Sewing, Foods, Fashion Revue


Special Tenure Award

This award is presented by Farm Bureau Incorporated.  Selects 2 4-H members with the most number of completed projects during their 10 years in 4-H.  This year’s winners:

Kyle Holsten & Katey Apple


Ten Year Members:

4-H member                                   Sponsor of Plaque

Katey Apple                                    Fantastic 4-H’ers and 4-H Goat Clubs

Meghan Holst                                  4-H Fever Club

Kyle Holsten                                   Short Circuits 4-H Club

Austin Mackey                                4-H Horse & Pony Club

Justin Penrod                                 Hartford Animal Clinic

Allissa Sands                                 Fantastic 4-H’ers Club

Kaleigh Thurman                            4-H Fever Club

Krista White                                   4-H Dog Club

Bryce Wilson                                 4-H Beef Club


Junior Leader Awards

First Year Go Getters:

Dylan Shroyer, Calista Shroyer, Morgan Shroyer, Alexis Skidmore


Outstanding 4-H Junior Leaders: 

Amber Southwick and Katey Apple


Outstanding 4-H’ers

Nominees for 2014: 

Lori Pluimer, Ashley Thurman, Haley Hutson, Krista White, Katey Apple, Marci Thurman, Laura Sills and Josh Stanley


2014 Outstanding 4-H members:

Krista White & Ashley Thurman



By Rae Ann O'Neill, County Extension Director
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