Open 4-H Enrollment begins October 1.  We encourage enrollment by December 1 in order for materials to be ready for January meetings.

Enroll at 4Honline October 1 - January 15.

To join 4-H after January 15 - please contact the Extension Office for a paper enrollment form. 

Youth GRADES 3-12

How to Enroll in 4-H
Enter online October 1 - January 15.  Enrollment is encouraged by December 1 so that materials will be ready for for the club meetings that will begin in January.  There is a $15 state fee to join 4-H.

Enrollment is accepted at any time.  Our traditional program year begins in November with recruitment of new members.  We encourage sign up by December 1 so you do not miss out on any of the fun!

Our clubs beginning meeting in January and usually run until our 4-H Fair.  The 4-H Fair is a celebration of our year where youth have the opportunity to show their talents and what they have learned over the year.

4-H Clubs
We have a wide selection of clubs available.  Some are project specific-for example our 4-H Dog Club.  They work with their dogs.  Our 4-H Beef Club helps youth to learn more about Beef Cattle.  We also have our "general" clubs which help youth on a variety of topics related to 4-H.  A complete list of clubs can be found at the bottom of this page.

4-H Projects
We offer a wide range of projects in Blackford County.  The complete list can be found by clicking on the youth tab at the top right of this page then selecting 4-H Projects Blackford County.  You can then click on the project you would like to learn more about for additional information.


4-H Newsletters
The 4-H newsletter is published each month and can be found on the 4-H Calendar web page.

Youth Grades K - 2

Mini 4-H is available for youth in Grades K - 2.  It is FREE.  Please go to the Mini 4-H page for additional information.


4-H Volunteers

How to Volunteer
Hundreds of volunteers are needed to have a successful 4-H program.  Responsibilities can range from one time events to weekly activities.  Our 4-H Youth Educator would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.  You can contact the Extension Office at 765-348-3213 to talk with our 4-H Youth Educator.