Save these manuals, you will use them for more than one year. 

  • Division 1:Grade 3-4, 4-H 813 Measuring Up. 
  • Division 2: Grade 5-6, 4-H 814  Making the Cut.
  • Division 3: Grade 7-9 4-H 815, Putting It Together. 
  • Division 4: Grade 10 and above, 4-H 816, Finishing Up.

Completion Requirements

Complete a minimum of three activities. (Each from a different chapter.)  Turn your manual in to your 4-H Club Leader or the Extension Office by the required date.

Exhibition Requirements

Click below to see State 4-H Requirements:

State Fair Exhibits

Exhibit Project: One project from Level 1 (grades 3 & 4), one from Level 2 (grades 5 & 6), one from Level 3 (grades 7-9), and one from Level 4 (grades 10 and above).


Helpful notes:

The finish on your project should be appropriate for the project.  For example a cutting board should be treated with a food appropriate oil such as vegetable or mineral oil.  

Stain is an acceptable finish for your woodworking projects.