CSA New Tech Community Garden
Bartholomew County has - at last count - about eleven community gardens! These Rambles give you a chance to visit one or more with a Master Gardener and ANR Extension Educator. We'll look at what's growing, how it's coming along, and what pests are active. Severe weather cancels.
Opportunity to meet, discuss and learn, for beginning and small farmers. Our next meeting, held 3 October at Bartholomew County Public Library, will feature Hancock County ANR Extension Educator Roy Ballard talking about grants available for farm enterprises.
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Bartholomew County Extension Service Newsletters
Maybe you've heard of the Health and Human Science department at the Bartholomew County Extension Office but not quite sure what it's all about...
Don't let Diabetes "Jeopardize" Your Health
Bartholomew County Works class
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Local Faces '14 - Bartholomew County #LocalFaces14 Purdue Extension in Bartholomew County is working with local faces to make connections which will help individuals have a more sustainable future.

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