Are you interested in increasing the availability of local food in your community, please come and share your thoughts and experience. The local food summit intends to place local food and agricultural economic development on the local agenda. The net result will be greater possibilities of working together, creating jobs, doing business, and expanding the economy right here in Northeast Indiana. Local Food Summit - March 14, 2017.
4-H Psyanky Egg SPARK Club 2017 Open to Youth in Grades 3-12
Patio Planter 2016
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Allen County 4-H Clubs is holding it's Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser for 2017
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Allen County Extension Homemakers Events & Activities
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DIY Home Products 4-H SPARK Club
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'Get Checking' workshops are offered monthly from 1-5 pm or 5-9 pm at the Purdue Extension - Allen County Office.
Upcoming events pertaining to gardening.

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