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Extension Helps Farmers Weather Unusually Wet Spring

February 3, 2020
Flooding in field

Weather patterns in the spring were unusual. Cold and wet weather delayed planting in much of the county. Early June saw much of Allen County unplanted and many farmers wondering what they could do to manage the problem. Allen County Soil and Water Conservation District and Purdue Extension partnered to provide answers and best management practices to farmers facing this disaster. Specialists helped farmers understand yield impacts from delayed planting, how to manage cover crops late into the season, forage potential of cover crops, and how to determine quality of forages hurt by weather. Crop insurance representatives helped farmers understand insurance rules for better application of management practices and farm decisions. This information helped farmers make economical decisions to position their farms to handle the weather setbacks. Full impacts of the weather are still being gathered. Disaster relief came available from the United States Department of Agriculture in September 2019.

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