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4-H General Information

December 17, 2020

4-H is a program that gives young people an advantage. It gives them the chance to learn new skills and build self confidence. Youth as young as Kindergarten through high school participate in a variety of projects, from many subject areas. They are encouraged to belong to a group or club. The program is delivered in a variety of levels and methods. Most projects lead to exhibition at the Allen County Fair in July. Activities and other events challenge students to become more aware of their community and become active leaders.

4-H is a Federal program that is offered through the land-grant university system and the Cooperative Extension Service.

Allen County 4-H programs that students may participate in:

Mini program – for youth in Kindergarten – Second grade. They select from 26 different subjects and can exhibit up to three items at the County Fair. Membership fee is Zero in 2021 plus material supply expenses.

Traditional program – for youth in 3rd – 12th grades. They select at least one subject or project from over 60 different options. They can exhibit items made or cared for at the County Fair. Many of the project winners can advance to the Indiana State Fair. State Membership fee is $15.00 for 2021 plus material supply expenses. Membership fee maximum per family is $45.00.

How to enroll in 4-H attachment is below.

For more information about 4-H please visit the Indiana 4-H Youth Development website.

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