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4-H Field Crops

February 3, 2020

Alfalfa - Youth develop forage crop subject skills and life skills through fun hands-on experiences. You can learn forage crop identification, plant growth, and plant care.

Corn - You will learn about the amazing corn plant. You will learn about how the corn plant works, the pests that attack corn, uses of corn and the safety practices when growing, harvesting and storing corn. Advanced levels learn about hybrid corn, the types and sources of nutrients for corn, soil erosion, producing and comparing hybrids, and planting and growing corn crops.

Small Grains – In this project you will learn all about small grains by doing a number of fun activities.  You will learn the different parts of a plant, the growth stages of plants, the characteristics of different varieties, weeds disease and insect identification, proper fertilizer use, edible and non-edible use of the plants, and good management techniques and their importance.

Soybeans – The Soybean project introduces you to one of Indiana’s major crops, the soybean, through fun experiences and hands-on activities. You will learn about selecting soybean varieties, planting soybeans, uses for soybeans and harvesting soybeans.

Exhibits will be judged according to grade level
Level 1 for Grades 3-5
Level 2 for Grades 6-8
Level 3 for Grades 9-12

Record Sheets - Due at Check In for each type of crop exhibited 

For project requirements and record sheets, see Related Files below or contact the Extension Office.

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