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4-H Electric

February 5, 2021

The 4-H electricity/electronics program provides youth with educational information about electricity and how it can be used to benefit the human race. The electricity/electronics program develops project skills (i.e., safe practices, proper use of fuses and circuit breakers, proper lighting techniques, proper wiring techniques) and life skills (i.e., decision-making, using science and technology, developing communication skills).

Exhibits will be judged according to Division 1-2-3-4 and Advanced

Project Book and Record Sheets - Due at Check In

Electric Kits Available at County Extension Office
Division 1 - Circuit Board Kit 
Division 2 - Magnetic/Shaker Flashlight 
Division 3 - Extension Cord or Trouble Light Kit 
     Prices vary - call for prices

State Fair Entry available for this project.

For project requirements and record sheets, see Related Files below or contact the Extension Office.


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