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Tractor Driving (Agricultural Tractor/Lawn and Garden Tractor)

April 9, 2020

The 4-H agricultural tractor and machinery program provides youth with educational information about agricultural tractors and machinery that develops project skills (i.e., principles of engine operation, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, safe operation) and life skills (i.e., decision making, using science and technology, developing communication skills). These fun-filled, hands-on learning experiences are provided under the direction of caring adults.

For Judging and Check-in information, consult the current 4-H Catalog.

Interactive quiz questions along with rules, parts identification pictures and written quiz question packets available here for Agricultural Tractor or here for Lawn & Garden Tractor. 

Project Requirements:

  1. Tractor Driving is organized into three disciplines, 4-H members may only participate in one discipline:
    1. Agricultural Tractor      Involves skills and understanding of farming tractors.
    2. Lawn & Garden      Involves skills in the lawn and garden mowers.
    3. Lawn & Garden Zero Turn Involves skills in the lawn and garden zero-radius mowers.
  2. Each discipline will be divided:
    1. Juniors Grades 3–7
    2. Seniors Grades 8–12
  3. Members must compete in the Adams County Tractor Operators Contest, which will be held in accordance with state operators’ rules during the Adams County 4-H Fair.
    1. Dates, locations and times for practice sessions held during 4-H Pre-Fair Judging week will be announced in specifically to all enrolled members via a letter in the mail.
  4. Completed manual and record sheet must be turned in by the established and posted date.
    1. Ag Tractor Manual Requirements:
      • Grade 3 – Level A, Chapter 1
      • Grade 4 – Level A, Chapter 2
      • Grade 5 – Level B, Chapter 1
      • Grade 6 – Level B, Chapter 2
      • Grade 7 – Level C, pages 5-14
      • Grade 8 – Level C, pages 15-23
      • Grade 9 – Level C, pages 24-30
      • Grade 10 – Level D, pages 5-15
      • Grade 11 – Level D, pages 16-22
      • Grade 12 – Level D, pages 23-28
    2. Lawn & Garden and Zero Radius Tractor Manual Requirements: Complete at least two activities in the Level A Manual, Gearing Up. Write the activity numbers you completed on the front of the manual.
  5. There are interactive quiz questions along with rules, parts identification pictures and written quiz question packets on the State 4-H website at There are updates/changes almost yearly so members need to check it out to get the latest changes. Senior division members need to learn both the Junior and Senior written exam questions and parts.
  6. Premiums and Grand Champions will be selected in each category for both the Junior and Senior divisions.



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