Indiana 4-H Congress Lesson Plans

Indiana 4-H Youth and Adult Congress is held in the fall each year. Congress includes a keynote speaker, 4-H Accomplishment Scholarship luncheon, and three educational breakout sessions focused on topics of interest to youth and adults in the 4-H Program. Lesson plans and supporting resource materials are posted here for use with your 4-H Clubs.

2014 - 2017 lesson plans and resources are included below. ​For resources from 2007-2010, please click here. For resources from 2011-2013, please click here​.  

2017 Indiana 4-H Congress: The 4-H Shark Tank!

4-H Elevator Speech - Samm Johnson, Allen County 4-H Extension Educator

Marketing Your 4-H Program - Heather VonDielingen, Jackson County 4-H Extension Educator

Social Entrepreneurship - Lesley Lodmell, Lawrence County 4-H Extension Educator

2016 Indiana 4-H Congress:  Indiana 4-H Congress: Lighting Your Path to Leadership!

4-H Citizenship: "Gaining & Building Trust"

4-H Healthy Living: "4-H Healthy Living: "Putting Your Best Foot/Self Forward!"

 4-H Science: "Building Leadership with Science"

2015 Indiana 4-H Congress: Leading the 4-H Way!

​​2015 Indiana 4-H Congress Press Release​

4-H Healthy Living: "I'm Making a Change!"

4-H Science: "STEM out to New Possibilities with 4-H Science"​

4-H Citizenship: "The Citizenship of 4-H"​​

2014 Indiana 4-H Congress: Live to Learn & Lead

4-H Healthy Living: "Self-Sufficiency...Ugh!"

4-H Science: "IW2K! I Want To Know: Exploring 4-H Science"

4-H Citizenship: "Making Citizenship Personal"

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