Clover Call Podcast​

The Indiana 4-H Clover Call podcast is designed to share information about the people and programs that make the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program such an important part of our communities! We welcome youth and adult 4-H Volunteers, 4-H youth and their families, Extension Professionals, and any others who are interested in providing positive opportunities for youth. Thank you for your interest in learning more about Indiana 4-H!

Episode 1: 

Dr. Casey Mull, Assistant Director of Purdue Extension, 4-H Youth Development Program Leader

In this inaugural episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call, Dr. Mull shares his personal and professional background; the impact of 4-H to him and Indiana; the importance of 4-H Volunteers to the Indiana 4-H Program; and his vision for Indiana 4-H in the future. Questions for Dr. Mull? Contact him at state4hleader@purdue.edu.  


Episode 2: 

State 4-H Extension Specialists…part 1

In this episode of the Indiana 4-H Clover Call, four State 4-H Extension Specialists are interviewed:

  • Jenny Clark, 4-H Communications & Marketing
  • Xiomara Diaz-Vargas, New Audience Initiatives
  • Angie Frost, Healthy Living
  • Steve McKinley, Leadership/Volunteerism

Each Specialist shares information about their role with the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program, audiences they work with, and their vision for the future of Indiana 4-H.

Episode 3: 

State 4-H Extension Specialists…part 2

The third Indiana 4-H Clover Call includes a conversation with the following five State 4-H Extension Specialists:

  • Tony Carrell
  • Cara Harbison
  • Rachel Haselby
  • Danielle Sands
  • Courtney Stierwalt

 Learn about programs and resources that each Specialist helps to provide for the 4-H youth and adults in Indiana, their vision for the future of Indiana 4-H, and who they would most like to have dinner with…you won't want to miss their answers! 

Episode 4: 

Indiana 4-H Foundation

In the January Indiana 4-H Clover Call, we talk with representatives of the Indiana 4-H Foundation, the non-profit organization that raises funds in support of the Indiana 4-H Youth Development program. You'll hear from Dr. Sean Sharma, President of the Indiana 4-H Foundation, and Shelly Bingle, Executive Director of the Indiana 4-H Foundation. Learn more about the 4-H Foundation and how you can help support Indiana 4-H programming.