Professional Persuasive Presentation​

​​Any 4-H member in grades 6-12 may participate in the Indiana State Fair professional presentation contest. Contestants will be required to research a public issue in their community, collect data showing how this issue is or could affect their community, formulate a plan to address this issue, and present it in a professional manner using electronic digital media such as PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. Contestants are to submit three (3) sets of accompanying handouts at registration. These handouts will be provided to the judges. It is suggested that youth practice by presenting their professional presentation to service clubs, 4-H council or fair board, government officials, or other boards. Examples of public issues could be the lack of accessibility to trails or public parks, congested traffic locations, public health issues, impoverished neighborhoods, school dropout rates, the size of farm machinery outgrowing the size of roads, etc. Live animals are not permitted. There is no interaction with the audience. Junior members (grades 6-8) and senior members (grades 9-12) will present their professional presentation in 5-10 minutes. Questions may be asked by the judges following the professional presentation. Categories will be Junior Individual, Junior Team, Senior Individual, and Senior Team. The team category is for two (2) people and will be determined by the highest grade level of any member of that team. Those members of the winning team who are younger than 14 years of age will not be able to compete in a team informative presentation in future years. A county may have no more than three (3) entries in each of the categories.​

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