Dairy Cattle Judging CDE​​​

This event is open to 4-H and FFA members and is designed to teach youth skills to evaluate live dairy animals. Youth will evaluate cows for their milk production and heifers for herd replacement. Contestants will defend their evaluation by presenting oral reasons to a judge. State contest participants must qualify through their area event.​

As a trial during the 2017 dairy cattle judging season and state contest, divisions will be designated as Junior, Senior 4-H, or Senior FFA.  Refer to the State Ag Judging Committee Handbook for team designations.  The total number of placing and reason classes will be the same for all divisions.  Each area may advance their top five senior teams (combined 4-H and FFA) and top two junior teams to the state contest.  Any junior or senior (combined 4-H and FFA) top five individual not on a team advancing to state may advance to state and compete as an individual.  Awards will be presented at the state contest to all divisions.