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Healthy Living Volunteer Resources

2018 Wellness Bingo Challe​nge

Ready to make healthy choices in this year?  Participate in the I​ndiana 4-H Wellness Bingo Challenge​ in 2018!

  • Each month, a bingo card with activities to compete will be available to participants.  
    • Each time they complete a task, they will mark that box on their card. (only 1 task per day)

    • A bingo is earned when seven boxes in a row are marked. More than one bingo can be earned in a month.

    • By the 15th of the following month, participants will need to fill out an online survey​ to submit their bingo card.

  • The focus of the challenge will rotate every three months:

  • ​As we move through the three months of each focus, the tasks will become more difficult. For example: in January, a challenge might consist of jumping rope for one minute. By March, it might be jumping rope for five minutes.
  • Awards will be given to participants and counties who receive the most bingos at the end of each quarter and a grand prize at the end of the year.​
  • Feel free to make it your own! Create a friendly competition within your community: club vs. club, county vs. county, area vs. area

​4th H for Health Challenge
4-H + Me = Health

One of the mission mandates of the 4-H program is Healthy Living. These lesson plans have been developed to promote the positive well-being of youth and their families. Each lesson is designed to be completed within one meeting time using easily accessible supplies but all do vary in length and level of complexity. They have been divided into two categories, one which incorporates a related snack for the meeting time and one that does not. Many lessons also integrate multiple 4-H project areas into the educational component of a single lesson.​

With Snack Connection

No Snack Connection